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Information Systems Security

(ISC)2The organization that oversees the CISSP exams. Please ignore their mathematically incorrect name.
Bruce SchneierA major security expert who is famous for writing some popular cryptographic algorythms. He has a good and comprehensive security blog.
John BullockA friend and former co-worker who is now a security manager at a major Canadian university.
Security FocusA security site
The RegisterThey have some interesting security articles.
ISACAThe major Information Systems Auditing Association, of which I am a member and webmaster for the local Edmonton chapter.
ISACA EdmontonEdmonton's ISACA chapter (a site that I designed and coded)
We're on to youA site to teach teens about threats on the Internet.
ThreeShield Information SecurityMy security company

Security Tools

Who Lock MeThis tool easily tells you what files are using other files. This tool helps to solve some zero-day malware.


These are the cartoons I've been reading since my days deep in the dungeons of the 5th-floor Computer Science labs at the University of Lethbridge. While I may not be as geek-focused as I once was, they still brighten up my days.

UserFriendly.orgThis is my favourite 'toon. It's a community where I feel at home. You might see my rantings now and then under the nick SirMe.
DibertOf course it's a classic and nothing new, but it still belongs on this page
XKCDA web comic of romance, coding, sarcasm, math, and language.
Basket CaseNow that I've married someone with a Poli.Sci. minor, I thought that I might as well start embracing the humour that goes along with it.
NukeesA strip about grad students. So many of their story lines hit so close to home it's scary. If you're confused, you can start reading it from it's start in 1997, or gain some background here.
Joy of TechSometimes they're a little too Mac-focused, but they still make me laugh.
Randy GlasbergenScroll down to find his Information Security cartoons.
SinfestNot at all geek, but full of truth and wisdom ;-)
UberSoft Help DeskIf you've ever been sentenced to work on a Tech Help Desk, you'll get it. Else, might offend you.
Diesel Sweeties and Love PixelsBig. Red. Evil. Robot.
Penny ArcadeMany of my friends love this comic... maybe I just don't play enough games
Little GamersCute, Cuddy... little gamers
Apple GeeksAmazingly, they use PINE for email! I tried to be an Apple Geek. I've got an old G4 amongst my computers from times past.. but in two or three-button mice I trust.
GPF-comicsThis used to be a really funny geek strip until Jeffrey started with these story lines. Hopefully it'll go back to the geek humour soon
Active Directory Date Converter

Unix Timestamp Date Converter

Unix Security Analyzer

Windows Security Analyzer

NIST SP 800-63 password policy compliance checker

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